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Heartworm Prevention Product Guide

We all love our Florida sunshine, but unfortunately we also have to deal with an almost year round mosquito season. These blood sucking pests can be carriers of the microscopic larvae (microfilariae) that causes heartworm disease. With our fresh and saltwater environment and hot and humid climate, we live in the heartworm capitol of the country.

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitos when they bite an infected dog (or some other animals) and then transfer it to the next dog during their future blood meal. The immature worm is deposited in the dog's skin and migrates to the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels. Cats can get heartworm disease as well, especially those that go outdoors.

This process takes six months for the worm to mature, and heartworms can live over five years, so many dogs are infected for a while without any clinical signs the owner might notice. This is why early detection with heartworm tests annually or as needed for at risk pets is so important, and treatment is much more safe when done before clinical signs appear. Most pets that develop heartworm disease will die unless treated, and treatment for an existing infection is complicated and very expensive. It's so much smarter to prevent this disease!

The best way to know your pets are protected from this potentially deadly disease is to have them on an effective heartworm preventative. These are very safe products. There are several different types we offer, and the best one for your pet mainly depends on your preference for ease of administration. Below is a list of the heartworm preventatives we offer here at Peace River Veterinary Clinic and a description of each.

Please call us with any questions and to get further information about any of these products, including pricing. Prevention is much  cheaper and safer for your pet, ensuring they have a happy and healthy life!

Heartworm prevention products:

Pro Heart ­ Injectable 6 month product that is the easiest and most cost effective product. One shot subcutaneously (under the skin) just twice a year means heartworm prevention year round. No more remembering to give monthly product as we send you a reminder twice a year!

Trifexis ­ Oral once a month chewable pill that also kills fleas and prevents intestinal parasites. No residue on the skin and not affected by bathing or swimming.

Revolution ­ Topical once a month liquid you apply on the skin at the back/ top of the neck that also kills fleas and some ticks and prevents intestinal parasites. Good combination product for cats and dogs.

Heartgard ­ Monthly chewable treat that prevents heartworms and intestinal parasites. Almost all dogs will love the beef taste of this product!

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