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Peace River Veterinary Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital in historic downtown Punta Gorda. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff offer comprehensive care for your pets by treating them as if they were our own. Our goal is to provide the best level of care through every stage of your pets' life so they can be a healthy and happy part of your family for as long as possible.

We also strive to help educate our clients so they can make the best informed decisions for their beloved pets. We offer routine wellness visits, diagnostic medicine, a wide range of surgical procedures, and many other services. Thank you for your interest in our practice, and please use the resources provided on this website for a wealth of pet care and health information, useful links, and more...

Please call us at 941-205-5400 to schedule an appointment or to let us know how we can best help you.


Mark DeGrove, D.V.M., Julie Reece, D.V.M., Eleni Marx, D.V.M.

Current Topics

Understanding the Reverse Sneeze

A reverse sneeze is a sudden, uncontrollable and forceful inhalation of air through the nose. It’s exactly what the name implies—a sneeze, only drawing in air as opposed to forcing air out. You may be startled and concerned because it looks worse than it is. Dogs cannot control the reflex any more than we can control a sneeze. And most of the time, there are runs of reverse sneezes, not just one. What’s going on? We can surmise that dogs feel the familiar tickle before they reverse sneeze just like we do before a regular one.

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